Andaman Islands sport fishing charter

Welcome to Andaman Fishing Adventures. I have been professionally fishing the Andaman Sea for over 12 years originally around the reefs and islands surrounding Phuket.

Looking for a new challenge and fishing grounds seven years ago, I left for the Andaman Islands.

Located in the Bay of Bengal there are a total of 572 islands formed from a submarine mountain range, only 36 of which are inhabited.

Some are the home of 'Stone Age' tribes that still have had no communication with the outside world; it was there that I discovered this new Fishing Paradise.

After many years of exploration and fact-finding, I have set up a new Sport fishing operation concentrating on the Andaman Islands, with the main goal of affordable live-on-board fishing charters for the die-hard fisherman.

My brand new boat (launched in January 2007), a 57 ft custom build sport fisher by MND was built with long-range capabilities in mind and can stay away from civilization for more than 14 days in comfort.   Come and enjoy the fast fishing action, exploration of untouched fishing grounds, see live volcanoes, manta rays swimming close to the boat and undiscovered nature on our live-on-board big game fishing charters.